American Made

Manufacturing will never be outsourced to another country. Period.

Being an American made brand will always be a part of who Mallory Bloom is. As such, manufacturing will never be outsourced to another country. Period.

Because much of the textile manufacturing industry has been eliminated here in the U.S., the majority of the fabric you wear comes from other countries. As a result, fabrics I work with can come from other countries too, which doesn’t thrill me, but it’s important to be honest about this. Since I’m a seamstress and not a textile manufacturer, I need to work with what is available. Therefore, I opt to select high quality fabrics and/or sustainable fabrics over the cheap alternatives that a lot of clothing is made with today in the fast-fashion world.

To balance this out, I source almost every other item I work with from small businesses located in America. That includes, elastics, twill tape, thread, packaging supplies, marketing materials, etc. I also decorate my sewing studio with American produced items, like the wallpaper that decorate the walls, the hand painted pictures hanging above the dress forms, and the chair I sit in to sew. I love my country, and I love supporting other small business owners.

Being an American-made brand isn’t just about where an item is made, but about supporting country and other small businesses throughout the United States. Mallory Bloom won’t be the least expensive clothing in the market, but I can promise you, Mallory Bloom will last seasons because of the quality and workmanship my two hands lovingly put into each piece for you.

As a consumer the power lies in how you spend your money. Will you be a part of the American made movement?

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American Made


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