Sustainable Mindset

Mallory Bloom strives to be a sustainable clothing brand.

By adhering to the slow-fashion, made-to-order model, as a designer, seamstress, and business owner, I have room to learn, pivot, and add new sustainability measures companywide that bigger brands don’t have room for.

 I’ll never say Mallory Bloom is 100% sustainable, because that simply isn’t realistic. But I will promise you Mallory Bloom will never be part of the dishonest green-washing movement. I believe being sustainable incorporates more than just organic fabric. 

Some of the things I do around here include:

  • Making over 95% of the clothing on an on-demand, made-to-order basis, thereby reducing waste.
  • Releasing two collections per year with additional pieces and fabrics in between collections, focusing on slow-fashion.
  • Designing, cutting, and sewing is done by me in the U.S. from my home studio keeping expense consumption low, with emphasis on quality over quantity.
  • Personally sourcing organic and eco-friendly fabrics, again focusing on quality.
  • Incorporating recycled and recyclable products in packaging and marketing materials.
  • Donating fabric scraps so they can be used by other creatives.

My Promise

Faith Based

American Made


Made to Order