Faith Based

At the core of Mallory Bloom, it is a faith-based brand.

Keeping Biblical principles at the forefront is the foundation of the brand and the company.

God gives each of us certain gifts, and evangelism is definitely not one of mine! I’m an introvert at heart, but I believe He has gifted me with the desire to help others. It’s hard to reconcile how to do that when I’m quite content working alone in my zone, but I still want to help somehow.

As God lit the path over the last couple of years, I see now that Mallory Bloom plants seeds one garment at a time. Each garment is adorned with a Bible verse, handpicked while doing a Bible study. Somehow, the right Bible verse gets to the woman who needs it that particular day when the blouse she ordered gets delivered to her.

I may not have the guts to be on stage in front of a lot of people loudly proclaiming what Jesus has done for us, but instead, God has provided a quiet stage planting seeds where He sees fit. And I am perfectly good with that. Will you help me water those seeds by spreading Mallory Bloom to those who may need a positive word in her life?

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Faith Based

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